Defending your interest and allowing your project implementation is important to us.

Industrial Subcontractors’ Rights

Do you question yourself regarding the defence of your rights facing the ordering party:

  • Non-compliance with order paces
  • Drastic modification of specifications
  • Obligation to open a subsidiary abroad
  • Payment delays and penalties’ invoices
  • Abuse of a significant imbalanced situation and sharp break of an established relationship

International Criminal Law

You are or you are representing a victim from a crime or a serious infringement abroad:

  • Crimes and offenses punished by imprisonment committed abroad against a French person.

We are very well experienced in complex procedures that may exist in International Criminal Law.

Corporate Executives and Managers’ Rights

You are involved in one of the following situations:

  • Negotiate your employment contract and compensation package

  • Executive’s criminal liability and or delegation of authority

  • Contest and or negotiate the breach of employment contract